Salli Gas Springs

Available in four sizes: short, medium, long and mini.

The short gas spring is suitable for users under 165 cm, medium for users between 155–185 cm and long spring for users that are over 170 cm.  Mini gas spring is for special circumstances only, its use is not dependent on the user’s height but on the working height. Metallic, matte metallic (only medium), or black.

User height (cm):

 Swing / SwingFitTwin / MultiAdjuster
Shortunder 165under 160
Longover 175over 170

Chair heights (mm, min-max). Note! The chair height is different when you use Top & Bottom.

 Swing SwingFit Twin MultiAdjuster 
Medium 580-765 590-780 570-750565-750
Long645-905 665-925620-880 635-895 

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